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Prepress Department

The Prepress Department at National Press operates over 40 Macintosh and PC work stations and servers running an entire suite of DTP software ranging from imposition software, layout, design and photo editing software to digital proofing and colour management technologies. At the high end, the department is equipped with two new Kodak Trendsetter 800III Quantum CTPs with online Glunz & Jensen processors, a Heidelberg Primesetter 102 Imagesetter with an online Glunz & Jensen processor, two Heidelberg drum scanners, two Roland Versa RF-640 proofers, a Kodak Varis contract proofing system and a Kodak Insite online proofing server. 


Reducing cycle times and ensuring high-quality standards are top priorities at National Press, a goal that has been achieved while simultaneously possessing the benefits of the environmentally-friendly computer-to-plate technology.

We assist our customers every step of the way with creative and technical assembling as well as helping them realize the best value by providing convincing solutions to their problems. We also offer scanning, reproducing, processing, proofing and exposing as well as data archiving services.


Data can be provided in various formats and from a number of sources, and we offer unlimited support in order to achieve compatibility with various hardware and software applications. FTP services are accessible to our customers from around the world, as well as to local customers adhering to tight schedules.


Whether Macintosh or PC-based, we have the necessary knowledge to handle the systems and their data processing, as well as finding the right digital workflow solution in close cooperation with our customers.

Our prepress digital workflow has long since become a reality. Our constant commitment to keeping up with digital technology, has lead us to success in optimizing production.



Printing Department

Embracing emerging trends while maintaining the highest standards in traditional offset printing results in the highest quality for our partners.

Our Heidelberg presses are the key to a new dimension of innovative technology, allowing us to perform productively and flexibly in order to optimally meet the prerequisites for operating successfully in marketplace.

Sheet-fed offset printing has impressive economic and qualitative advantages over other printing technologies. Fundamental attributes of sheet-fed offset are flexible production options and the relatively economical costs of high-quality printed products for a wide range of print volumes. The combinations range from one to four-colour prints up to twelve-colour prints with perfecting, while in sheet-fed offset printing, substrates of different sheet sizes and grammages are processed and can generally be obtained off-the-shelf at short notice.


Just as essential as the free choice of format is the range of special substrate qualities. The great variety of standard substrates for sheet-fed offset necessitates well-organized stock-keeping in the paper industry. In-line or off-line finishing operations, such as coating, imprinting, numbering, perforating and punching are popular technologies used in sheet-fed offset.


National Press houses state-of-the-art sheet-fed offset printing presses that are equipped with cutting-edge technologies. The company’s fleet of offset sheet-fed presses in B1, B2 and B3 formats are available in combinations of two, four, 4+L, five, six and eight colours that add up to a total of 50 printing units. These presses combine proven technology with high reliability in production through their superior operational ease and optimized ergonomic design, making them the ideal gateways to high-quality offset printing. The Heidelberg presses produce a distinctly exceptional print product with superior finishes and quality from medium- to long-run printing.  As a result, National Press produces a more consistent colour reproduction and is capable of printing spot colours including metallics. Furthermore, the printing presses are operated by a highly experienced and skilled workforce dedicated to producing incomparable offset printed products.


Our Heidelberg presses are the key to a new dimension of innovative technology, allowing us to perform productively and flexibly in order to optimally meet the prerequisites for operating successfully in marketplace. Our modern presses allow us to leap ahead productively, offering numerous advantages including a high level of automation and maximum cost effectiveness. Enhanced features tailored specifically to our requirements allow us to deliver top-quality print results, with extended preset functions minimizing manual settings thus increasing productivity. As we continue to grow, we will maintain our investment into the latest technologies, remaining the market leaders in our field. Highly integrated technical solutions provide the foundation for successfully doing business, and our customers distinguish us through our efficiency and quality. To maintain our cost leadership and high productivity, we operate with transparency and reliability, which are attained through a seamless, digital network of production and administrative processes.  


Embracing emerging trends while maintaining the highest standards in traditional offset printing results in the highest quality for our partners. Printers today face ever-shorter runs coupled with ever-increasing demands on quality, shorter delivery times and a keen awareness of costs. All tasks at National Press, regardless of size, are offered our signature meticulous attention to detail, and keeping our customers in the picture is our priority. 


We offer high resolution printing for core products, including posters, folders, high-spec brochures, magazines, leaflets, folded documents and a range of specialist bound books. We are also highly knowledgeable in the production of more ambitious projects that often incorporate a combination of value-added print finishes, and our press capacity can operate the most complex and demanding work while retaining its flexibility and diversity.


Customers are issued order confirmations along with a delivery date, assuring them that their job has been put into production and will be delivered on time, with our systems allowing us to track all order at any stage.


Dedicated to continuously improve the quality, efficiency and versatility of our offerings, our line-up of offset presses allows us to deliver a wide variety of products while maintaining our award-winning standards. Regardless of the scope of the work, National Press offers bespoke technology to meet the needs of its customers, offering unsurpassed attention to detail that guarantees exceptional work every time, for every client, on every job.

Sheet-fed printing up to approximately 4 m/s

Web printing up to approximately 15 m/s

Offset web-fed printing presses differ less from sheet-fed presses in the configuration of their printing and inking units than in all the machine elements actually transporting the substrate. In principle, it is much easier to transport a web through the various press units than a sheet, as to a great extent, the continuous web guides itself because the start of the web is pulled and held under tension in a stabilizing, defined way. Therefore, web-fed presses are better suited to higher printing speeds than sheet-fed presses (sheet-fed printing up to approximately 4 m/s, web printing up to approximately 15 m/s). Web presses are production systems that are able to produce finished printed products, which is to say that finishing is an integral part of web offset printing. 


With its long list of leading installations, National Press is the only print shop in Jordan running commercial web offset heat-set technology. The Web Department includes a 4/4 colour Goss M-600 heat-set web press and the newly installed 6/6 color M-600.


Goss International has earned a worldwide reputation for proven print quality and reliability. Designed for a wide range of commercial or publication applications, the extensive make-ready and waste reduction features also make the M-600 press especially adept in short-run applications. With a cut-off size of 598 centimeters, the M-600 is ideal for printing magazines and text books up to 28.5x23 centimeters. Automation adds to our pressroom strength, with internally designed controls for colour management and web and register guidance, and automation for plate changing, cylinder loading as well as stacking and delivery translating into pressrooms that are designed to heighten print quality and consistency while tightening turnaround times. Both presses are fully equipped with stacker-bundlers and JIB cranes for increased productivity. 


The horizons of digital colour printing continue to expand, already intrinsically transforming printing with new ways of working, more flexible and creative uses of colour, and fresh possibilities that include print on demand and variable data printing. The Kodak NexPress S3000 Digital Production Colour combines the ruggedness of a production press with the flexibility of a printer, efficiently producing consistent, high quality digital colour output. And with the Kodak NexPress Fifth Imaging Unit Solutions, spot colours can be matched, watermarking or protective coatings can be added and high-impact glossing on the maximum sheet size can be created. 


The versatile S3000 press supports a broad range of substrate types, sizes, weights and thicknesses, including printing on coated or uncoated paper, textured stocks, labels, synthetics and transparencies. Selections can also be made from a range of light substrates for statements, invoices and technical documentation - or heavy substrates for direct mail, greeting cards, point-of-purchase signage and packaging, with the capacity to also  more multiple ups, larger posters and wider book covers on the maximum sheet size.


The Ricoh Pro C7100x five colour digital press delivers outstanding image quality and productive performance at an affordable price. With the addition of the fifth colour station, extra impact can be imparted to print, whether by adding a clear varnish to accentuate designs, printing white directly onto coloured media or using invisible red for entry-level security applications, while neon yellow and neon pink can create greater impact to the print and extend the colour gamut.


The MGI JETvarnish is ideal for operations with offset and/or digital presses up to a 52x105-centimeter format, and the MGI JETvarnish is the ideal solution for digital spot UV coating on runs from one to thousands. 



Postpress Department

Producing tens of millions of books annually, National Press’s Postpress Department is recognized as one of the region’s most accomplished, with its combination of the most advanced book binding and finishing equipment available operated by highly skilled craftsmen with the know-how to achieve excellence. With our unmatched capacity, no job is too complicated, allowing us to confidently meet all the scheduling needs of our customers, regardless of size. Additionally, our stitchers and binders are equipped with numerous pockets, which, when used in conjunction with our ink-jet personalization expertise, affords customers a formidable system to grab the attention of their clients or subscribers.


With leading-edge technologies, the Postpress Department at National Press has both the facilities as well as the flexibility to produce bindings that range from saddle stitching, perfect binding, sewing and side stitching to hardcover and library binding. Our six folding machines of various models and sizes are capable of producing a diverse combination of folds, some of which also have an on-line thread sealing option that reduces production time by combining the folding and sewing stages. Bookbinding comprises of an Acoro A7 and two RB5 Muller Martini perfect binders, while saddle stitchers are represented by two Primas with on-line three knife trimmers and stackers and a PRESTO saddle stitcher with an on-line three knife trimmer, each capable of an output of 9000 books per hour. 


Exquisitely bound products are part of our daily lives, including paperbacks, travel guides, timetables, telephone directories, school textbooks, magazines and mail-order catalogs, each manufactured cost-effectively at the highest levels of quality through the use of unmatched and agile process-related knowledge and innovative production facilities.

he Postpress Department at National Press operates a complete in-line setup of Kolbus equipment for book production, with minimum handling, beginning with book-block nipping and smashing, endsheet tipping, book-block gluing and drying, spine nipping, trimming to bookmark insertion, rounding and backing, gauzing, head and tail banding, casing in and book forming, in addition to a number of case makers and embossing machines.


A beautifully bound book with immaculate sewing, perfect rounding, optimal joints and a tightly applied jacket is the result of industrial bookbinding craftsmanship, allowing a book to be read with enjoyment. The equipment at National Press produces the highest-quality hardcover books with the best bindings, operating the latest technology for superior results. Books continue to appreciate in value, even in the digital age, and the need for high-quality and long-lasting content will remain in demand.

With leading-edge technologies, the Postpress Department at National Press has the facilities and the flexibility to produce an entire range of bindings.
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